Romanian underground outlet aimed at releasing eternal dance music. Based downtown Bucharest, delivering worldwide.


Bucharest's electronic scene is surely flourishing these days. New artists, new sounds and, not least, new labels appear almost every day. It was time for old comrades Piticu and Herodot to start one of their own. Unanim is the name they've unanimously chosen to represent them. First come out the sounds of Piticu which are rather techno and aggressive. Herodot will quickly follow.


Liniar was born in April 2015, with the intention of delivering minimal and house beats on vinyl only. Focused mostly on Romanian producers, but also opened to international talents, its name is a soft allusion to the linear and trippy music that the label promotes, the kind of music that can make one dive into a dreamy state at a party – or afterparty!


One of our new labels is the offspring of dj/producer Adrian Niculae also known as Priku. Feeling the need to express his deepest musical thoughts and also the need to have a place where his sonic legacy can be found, Adrian decided to give this desire and exact address. And that is Motif Records. Expect to hear more of him and also more of what he likes in the near future, here.


Concepts always cross various disciplines, especially art wise. Tailored to a well determined structure with a rhythm of four verses, the quatrain, is the idea from which Catren draws it's inspiration. Unfiltered, sincere, emotional frequencies vibrate just the same as poetry did in the old days. Only now it's the cutting edge soundscapes that producers swap with the proverbial poetic wit. Striving to honour the lyrical geniuses that made our world more alive Catren sets a simple goal. Music free to go anywhere and everywhere


The return into the present (in)tense, the foundation for what is yet to come.An edgy framework for creative visions.


Launched by Emi, Bucharest based imprint Contur kicked off with two eps from the boss himself. Using his Visullucid alias he is already making waves, with his tracks charted by Raresh in his mix for the notorious Fabric series. Contur is not only about Emi, but also about the music he loves so don’t be surprised if fresh new talent will also be featured under his flag.


Just as understanding is a psychological process related to an abstract or physical object whereby one is able to think about it and use concepts to deal adequately with that object, Understand.ro is a musical platform based upon the idea that dance music is not only for the dance-floor, dance music can be the subject of a conscious or unconscious process of understanding. May it be house, techno, minimal or whatever genre we can stick our concepts within. Started by Romanian artists Praslea, Cezar and Kozo, Understand sets out to be a platform for intelligent music worldwide, with a predilect for Romanian talent.


A label meant to bring in front new talents with their own approach on electronic music. Step by step and track by track you will embrace the musical story of visionary artists with a great appetite for producing music as a complex message.


Based in Bucharest / Romania, Draganenii is a new label that sets out to release a part of the electronic music yet to be heard before

MIDI Records Romania

Based in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Midi Records is a platform aimed towards promoting and releasing inteligent tracks written and produced by a close circle of friends who share the same passion and love for the music. Respecting the artist and the buyer is very important to us and we achieve this only by having the highest of standards. Expect only quality, nothing else will do.


Probably first and most prolific electronic Romanian label up to date. Started by Romanian trio RPR Soundsystem (Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh) [a:rpia:r], features a wide collections of sounds and artists, ranging from pure minimal EPs to pumping house gems. Focused mainly on local talent, the label is no stranger to inspirational artists like Thomas Melchior, Ricardo Villalobos or Dj Sneak who complete a very wide palette of Romanian productions.

Started almost 7 years ago the label already has a dozen releases with a few others coming in the near future.


What about a world projected only in the mind of the creator? A world imagined with the sole purpose of not obeing the omnipresent sonic and musical intricacies. A world with no boundaries, an infinite ocean of musical shapes and ideas where everything fuses gently into the horizon that spans forever.

This metaphor was the original idea that led Romanian artists Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia to start their Amphia label. A name that makes you think of endless possibilities, music that morphs in ways they can only imagine. Like the lost world of Atlantis, Amphia is here to rediscover some of the lost artefacts of ancient electronic music using a very futuristic technique.


One of the new labels making waves in the Romanian house community. Exploring the fine line between deep house and tech house, Metereze has already released some future classic tracks and it’s certain that it won’t stop here. Finding, playing and releasing the finest house tunes created in these lands seems to be Raresh’s main goal, a goal that has been achieved so far. MP, Dubtil and Barac are only the names that have released so far. Others will follow …


Not for the typical clubhead searching no more than cheap thrills on the dancefloor. Not for the typical mind dreaming a lifetime experience soaked in strobes and flat basslines.  Out of the ordinary. Abiding no rules. Atipic.