Break New Sol EP


Wareika steps up for the Amphia’s 12th vinyl chapter. The german trio walks off the beaten techno trail, applying just enough pressure on the bassline pedal to envelope your attention on the sinusoidal theme from Break New Sol, revealing at the end a rewarding guitar solo, hidden all this time under the crisp percussions. On A Train Again completes Side A, with its industrial ambient modulations steadily stabbed by the derailed cadence.

SIT reinterprets Wareika on Side B: a more dancefloor oriented take, with just a few breaks from the devilish rhythm, enough to give the crowd some time to breathe into the track’s odd atmosphere.

Wareika's playful harmony makes a great addition to Amphia's musical path.

  1. Break New Sol - SIT Remix
  1. Break New Sol
  2. On a Train Again

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