Codex EP

Vlad Caia

Our seventh release is inspired by the Old Norse literature, Voluspa a poem written by an unknown Icelander. This two track EP reflects the heroes/villains antithesis present in the Codex manuscript. On the A side we have an intense bass line work coupled with a never standing still percussion layer. Itís a dynamic piece that keeps the melodic progression going once the filtered pads emerge.

The B side comes with a calmer and soothing mood. Mysterious and full of cavernous spaces, we can easily imagine ourselves immersed in the beautiful Icelandic landscapes while the bass line and synths evolve into a beautiful harmonic movement.

These opposite sides complete each other with a finesse characteristic of Vladís works while keeping the direction on pleasing both minds and bodies.

  1. Codex Voluspa
  1. Behind The Black Meadow

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