Es Pion EP

The Future Future Sound

To fully grasp the essence of Contur003 we must focus our attention to its most basic bits of information. We must observe its pure DNA, hardcoded into the bassline and subtly passed from track to track, only to suffer minor mutations. We must experience Es Pion's game of smoke and mirrors over the simple cadence. We must indulge in Bass Vilain's erratic loops or in the dub suspense built in The Hideout.

Then and only then we can understand this 3-acts novel, placed in the middle of the dancefloor, driving different moods for different moments, all of these with the same genetical structure crafted by Emi and Dan Andrei under The Future Future Sounds moniker.

  1. Bass Vilain
  2. The Hideout
  1. Es Pion

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