Four Quarters Ep


Metereze keeps a steady path of releases and this time around it is young star Vincent Iulian who picks up the ball and delivers four astounding tracks on his Four Quarters Ep. Also a native of Bacau like Dubtil and Raresh among others Vincent has already released on labels like Naural or Moment.

Started is probably the grooviest of them all and for sure you’ve heard it before if you’ve been attending the right parties. Breaking the boundries between techno and house this is a true masterpiece. On the same side he also shows a more relaxed atmosphere filled with jazzy percussions and easy synths. Stors kinda makes you stop and dream for a while.

First on side B we have another dancefloor monster. No more is is driven by a hypnotic synth and infused with enough drums to keep you on the move for the whole 7 minutes. Le van a cantar keeps the catchy driving mood but this time Iulian explores a more broken path. Bubbly voices, snares and a haunted synth emerging now and then make this corner as interesting as the rest.

Four Quarters is a must have for any serious collector. Not to mention if you’re a dj.

  1. Started
  2. Ended
  1. No more
  2. Le van a cantar

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