Liric EP

Super Moon

Bring 2 electronic masterminds together in the same studio and you’ll be gifted with a new perspective over what techno sounds like nowadays. Super Moon, a fresh collaboration between Priku and Arapu, has chosen Liniar for its second appearance on vinyl.

Side A sets ground for the whole EP, with its incisive kick and raw bassline that carries the DNA for the pure blood acid line, a line that carves space for a light infusion of deep sounds. And it’s the percussion that leads the opening on Side B, slapped over the outskirts of a labyrinth of industrial samples, to cool down in a slow paced closing cut, filled with hypnotic hi hats and broken drums.

Expect Super Moon’s creations to stomp a dancefloor near you pretty soon!

  1. Untitled B1
  2. Untitled B2
  1. Untitled A1

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