Tipic EP


Bucharest's electronic scene is surely flourishing these days. New artists, new sounds and, not least, new labels appear almost every day. It was time for old comrades Piticu and Herodot to start one of their own. Unanim is the name they've unanimously chosen to represent them. First come out the sounds of Piticu which are rather techno and aggressive. It's time to dance on both sides of Tipic EP and we unanimously like the idea. “Der untergang” seems to be a classic techno track, if that track was made by Piticu of course. Raw elements run a long way before downfalling into a brilliant lead.

“Micro phonia” is the quiet one, but actually it's not quiet at all. Here the bassline is the hook. The track grows and grows, adding layer after layer of twilight on the trippy percussion, only to end in a mystic dark note.

  1. der untergang
  1. micro phonia

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